DaVinci Industries was founded in October of 2016 based upon a need for merchandise display innovations in the retail industry. The company’s focus is to provide retail stores with dynamic merchandise display systems. This will accomplish labor reduction costs, visual alert indicators, and RFID inventory controls at the pegged merchandise level.



DaVinci Industries will excel in providing innovative, competitive, and revolutionary products to the retail industry. We strive for long-term strategic partnerships which is a key factor in our company model. The primary corporate focus is on employee job satisfaction, product quality, product reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Product and Target Market 

Acutrack’s mechanical belt system is designed to remove the costs of manually facing products every year. AcuTrack puts the store facing into the hands of their customers. AcuTrack is perfect for retail companies of every size. Acutrack is launching in the 4th quarter of 2017.

AcutTrack is designed to incorporate wireless communications which will provide live storefront real-time inventory. This communication can even be done with passive RFID technology, not requiring power in Acutrack. This will allow companies to track inventory held on each Acutrack hook by the minute.



In this large competitive retail merchandising industry, DaVinci Industries see its fit in the market for dynamic merchandising products. Typical display products are static and only serve the function of holding merchandise. The goal is not to become a mass producer of basic wire and metal formed display products. The vision is to design and build dynamic merchandising systems, not static fixtures of the past. We will have long-term strategic partners who have years of experience in manufacturing inexpensive and quality components for our products.