Acutrack is the collaboration of mechanical dynamics and RFID technology, bringing facing and inventory tracking to retail consumers. Self-Facing that has never been successful on pegged merchandise and now your customer do this for you! RFID tracking abilities give you up to the minute inventory of each product in the system.

Front Facing Mechanism 

With AcuTrack’s front facing design, all of your products will never be out of place. No more having to send your employees to move items forward, saving you time and money.

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory tracking system allows you to know how many items you have at all times. You will never again run out of an item without knowing about it.

Compatibility with Existing Selfing Units​

Acutrack is compatible with the currently used pegboard system, meaning the only change will be switching from traditional scan hooks to AcuTrack hooks.

“The Next Generation of Retailing Solutions”

This revolutionary display system makes the product self-face driven by the hands of the customer, not the employees.

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