Acutrack is a maintenance free display solution for pegged merchandise.This revolutionary display system makes the product self-face driven by the hands of the customer, not the employees.

Every time merchandise is pulled off an item from Acutrack the remaining merchandise is pulled forward, automatically facing the storefront.

The second generation of this product will provide an electronic feature allowing retailers to monitor each Acutrack unit through wireless communications. With this feature, Acutrack will be the first and only display product in the market to provide retailers with a store front electronic inventory solution using wireless communication.

​The major benefit to the buyer is a return on investment gained through less money spent on labor devoted to inventory management as well as fewer inventory losses. This product will change the way both large and small businesses face their stores and how they approach inventory management solutions.


DaVinci Industries is bringing a product to the market that currently does not exist and a product that is desperately needed in the industry. ​Retail companies are losing money and need something to help save them money:

​A product that will keep items beautifully front faced at all time, A product to help significantly reduce the number of thefts. A product to help keep track of the amount of inventory a store has and the numbers they need to keep on hand.

​AcuTrack will revolutionize a business industry that has not seen any advancements in point-of-purchase technology since the scan hook was first invented.